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tv   Erin Burnett Out Front  CNN  January 30, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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examined tested positive. it sure seems like a weird place to snort a line. the diapers got us thinking about how handy duct tape is for so many things. from prom outfits to rain hats, it was even used to take down an out of control passenger on a plane. nasa space shuttles never left earth without it. >> i tell you, i think we'd be lost without duct tape up here. >> a bandit even used it when he robbed a liquor store. it's enough to give diapers a dirty name. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> you know that dogs are going to smell something. >> that's what i was just thinking, why, oh why, did these women, did anyone think they were going to be able to walk through an airport with cocaine on their tushies? >> put some tape on. >> i'm sure we can all feel bad, but i don't think 9, $10,000 is
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worth going to jail for a very long time. no more duct tape. >> you can always follow what's going on here in "the situation room." and we will be getting a lot of tweets. >> i'm sure about this last story, definitely. erin burnett "outfront" starts erin burnett "outfront" starts right now. -- captions by vitac -- the nra's flip-flop of background checks. why they say they're against them now. plus, bob -- and the man who fooled manti te'o comes clean and talks about his real romantic feelings. a bizarre unveiling. let's go out of the.
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good evening. i'm erin burnett. tonight, major nra flip-flop. at a hearing today, the head of the gun group shared his thoughts on background checks and as you might guess, he is against them. but, he wasn't always. jim acosta has the story. >> please, i'm not trying to play games here. >> it flared up early when patrick leahy grilled lapierre over background checks. >> you do not support mandatory background checks in all instances at gun shows. >> we do not because the fact is, law right now is a failure the way it's working. >> as it turns out, he was for background checks at gun shows before he was against them. and said so in 1999. >> we think it's reasonable to provide mandatory, instant criminal background checks for
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every sale at every gun show. no loopholes anywhere for anyone. >> when he was reminded of that line -- >> now, you do not support background checks for all firearms. >> i think the check system the way it's working now is a failure. >> lapierre's argument -- >> the problem with gun laws is criminals don't cooperate with them. >> but between 1994 and 2009, the justice department says out of 108 million background checks, nearly 2 million were denied. still, he was right on another front. >> 23 states have not been putting the mental records of these mentally incontinent of the system. >> that's backed up by a gao report last year finding between 2004 and 2011, almost half of o all-states increased the number available. as for lapierre's flip-flop, he slipped out without taking
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questions. that's him behind senator ted cruz. >> you know, i understand the media likes to put everything in the context of politics, my focus is on what works. strict gun control does not work. >> the day's other star witness, former congresswoman and shooting victim, gabby giffordses legiffords left with the aid of her husband, who hardly sounded confident. you can they can get a bill passed? yet another sign the fate of gun control won't be settled at a hearing. >> nancy robinson is executive director. matt, let me start with you. pretty interesting about face by the nra and probably surprising a lot of people watching, but tell me why you don't think background checks, a universal background check is going to work? >> first of all, has there ever been a worse spokesman? seriously. i like the 98 version better.
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the idea it's a panecea, if you look at the three most recent high profile examples, the roar area shooter purchased guns legally. the only example where a background check might have changed things is in tucson, but we don't even know. it's a counterfactual if you couldn't have bought a gun legally, he would have found it some other way. >> first, even now, we've got limited checks. there's all these loopholes. department of justice says 1.9 million applications to buy guns were rejected. people were convicted of felonies, had been indicted for crimes. how can you argue blocking won't help? that's a whole lot of people that won't die. >> i don't know if those numbers are right. either way, it's irrelevant.
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if you want to look at the three most recent high profile cases, i think it's clear that at least two-thirds of the examples, it wouldn't have mattered. now, the real story here, places like chicago, i'm not convinced this would matter at all. here's what i think they want. what they really want is gun registration. it just so happens that i think it's complete ll lly unconstitutional. >> let me ask you about something matt said. a lot of these horrific shootings, a lot of those causing this reform to gun policy may not have stopped by background checks. the shooting in new town. the guns from his mother. background checks probably wouldn't have changed anything in that situation. is that relevant? >> well, i just want to say thank you for having me on.
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i like the 1998 version of wayne lapierre. no loopholes anywhere for anyone. i couldn't have said it better myself. are we going to prevent any more shootings? no, but we can do a lot more to prevent shootings happening in chicago, boston, baltimore, l.a., any big or mid sized city in the country. by people who do not have a second amendment right to have guns. mayors against illegal guns came out with a report, fatal gap. even when there are background checks, there's all this stuff that isn't in there. this is going to amaze a lot of people. wayne lapierre brought it up today. give him credit for that. 23 states in the district of columbia don't have submitted fewer than 100 mental health
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records. 17 states haven't even submitted ten and four states haven't submitted any mental records at all. isn't there a fair point to say that before we focus on expanding that we should enforce and execute the stuff we've got right? >> i think we have to do both. background checks work. what doesn't are loopholes in the system and we have to do everything to close those. those include updating our mental health records and including them in the background check system and then also requiring background checks for all guns sold in this country. right now, almost have the guns sold don't even require a background check, so that means that you can go into a gun store and be denied and drive down the street to a gun show and stock up on as many guns as you want and never have to take a criminal background check. >> that's the thing i don't understand. why is there a loophole for gun shows? i don't get it. if you're supposed to have a
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background check everywhere else, this is one of those things, you know? like you're not partially pregnant. >> right. i think this has been a little bit overblown. if you buy a gun at a gun show from someone who is a business, they have to do the background check, but i think the bigger issue is individuals. so like right now, an uncle could sell a shotgun to his nephew and there's no records of that and no background check of that. i think a lot of americans think that's perfectly fine and not a horrible thing. but that is really i think what they're aiming at closing here. i think if the obama administration wants to accomplish something, i think they've -- >> hold on. let me interrupt you there. it isn't just political. because the polls, we just did a poll here at cnn. americans. 92% say there should be background checks in gun stores. 87% on gun shows. the first three words of the constitution are we the people. that comes before, the second, i
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don't understand. >> so, because it comes chronologically before shall not enfringe, it's more powerful. >> the people want this. so how is he being political -- >> public opinion has been wrong before. by the way, i don't think that we should -- >> matt, even your own leaders i think disagree with your position. even your own readers want -- >> my readers are to the right of atila the hun. my readers want -- my readers want guns. mandatory. that's what my readers want. obama -- this is something he can try to push through and if republicans don't vote for it, they'll look evil and horrible like wayne lapierre against
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gabby giffords. >> they're going against the will of the majority of the people. >> exactly. i published an op-ed in the philadelphia inquirer a week ago and in it, i outlined three things we could do to make our streets safer and dry up illegally trafficked guns and i was braced actually for a barrage of angry e-mails from the people from the right and i got nothing but praise. >> look, i'm not -- >> people who describe themselves as -- excuse me. >> i'm not on principle -- >> thank you, thank you. from people who described themselves as right wing or gun nuts and they said they agreed with everything outlined and basically, it was threefold. background checks for all gun sales. increased accountability for gun dealers who are criminals and
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doing something to reduce purchasing in this country and they agreed with all three. >> so, first of all, the straw purchasing thing, this will lead to gun registration, that's the bottom line. because how do you track the guns? they have to be registered. that's really what this is about. >> register -- i mean, i don't understand. not going to do anything wrong, why do you care of f it's registered? don't you think the government's going to try to steal it from you in a -- >> let me just say, i think as i did point out at the top of the show, that background checks aren't going to solve the problem. they're not going to do anything. it's not going to solve the problem. >> thank you both for the feisty conversation. it was fun talking to you and please, everyone, let us know what you think. and still, the fbi investigation of a campaign donor widens. it involves accusations of underage prostitution.
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plus, a hostage standoff in alabama. a man tonight holding a 6-year-old boy in an underground bunker. and after months of delays, this is a big moment. it's finally here. a preview of the blackberry ten later in the show. ♪ (train horn) vo: wherever our trains go, the economy comes to life. norfolk southern. one line, infinite possibilities.
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prostitution and politics. senator bob menendez is denying claims of a campaign donor, provided him with prostitutes, potentially underage, while he was in the dominican republic last year. now, the senator's denial comes just hours after the office was raided in miami. susan candiotti is "outfront" with this story. what are you learning about this investigation? >> hi, erin. the allegations involve who paid for trips he took to a luxury resort in the dominican republic and who he may have met while there. prostitutes. he denies anything improper about the trips in question and denies he was with prostitutes. a florida eye doctor and his campaign contributor with whom the senator stayed is now under scrutiny with the fbi.
4:17 pm
dr. salmon's office has been swarming with fbi agents for the last two days. it's unclear why. the fbi has been carrying out boxes. the fbi will only say it is conducting quote law enforcement activities. it's unclear whether the fbi raids have anything to do with senator menendez. cnn has also learned in 2011, melvin was slapped with an $11 million tax lien by the irs. dr. mill began has not returned repeated calls from cnn. menendez acknowledges in a statement that he's flown on the doctor's corporate jet. the doctor has a vacation home at a lush seaside resort in the dominican republic. now, it appears the senate ethics committee may be involved. last fall, it got this e-mail complaint from a new jersey republican state senator asking for an investigation into those caribbean trips. the e-mail complaint questions whether menendez violated the
4:18 pm
code by quote repeatedly flying on a jet to the dominican republic and other locations and solisitting prostitution. last month, a watchdog group received an allegation he was partying with -- in the dominican republic. the group referred it to the fbi. more recently, a conservative blog published a link to videos of alleged prostitutes making claims against the senator. neither the fbi nor the ethics committee will say whether they are investigating senator menendez. >> very quickly, has he said anything about it? has he outright denied it? what's the headline? >> he's issued a statement calling the doctor a friend and supporter and says he's been on the private jet three times, but maintains he paid his way for the trips.
4:19 pm
as for the pros coutitutioprosts this -- by a politically motivated right wing blog and are false. but here's what we don't know. when the senator disclosed his trips as required and what the trips were for, one of the three was official business according to his spokesman, who adds the senator is under no obligation to publicly disclose those reimbursements or details of his two personal trips. a lot of questions. >> i want to bring in john avlon. i want to emphasize you know, to our viewers, this did start in the blogosphere and i think a lot of people were unsure whether there was a story. now, all of a sudden, fbi gets involved and people are covering it. is that why it hasn't received much attention until today? you've talked a lot about it. >> absolutely. explosive allegations, they've
4:20 pm
been simmering for a long time. not just this, but a separate one involving an intern in his office. when the daily caller first put forward these allegations, it was days before the election, in the wake of hurricane sandy and there needed to be corroborating evidence. now, e-mails to fbi agents have been released in this investigation that would appear to corroborate those claims. they are serious allegations for someone who is the incoming chair. >> there are a number of politicians who have been caught hiring prostitutes and then things that start in the blogosphere, anthony weiner, that end up being true. is it more prevalent that the headlines indicate? >> i think politicians seem to have a problem in this regard. sadly, we see a recuring story here. it is the least original sin and it's pathetic to see politicians keep holding themselves to such low standards. these are just allegations. but the history of politicians
4:21 pm
and prostitutes, it's not a pretty picture. >> i like that. the least original sin. thanks to john avlon. to alabama where a 6-year-old boy is being held hostage in an underground bunker. and just over a week after performing with the marching band at the president's inauguration, a 15-year-old girl is gunned down in chicago. and a first look at this, this is, look at this. this is not snow. this is not fog. this is smog. we have the before and after of beijing.
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alabama hostage standoff. a tense situation continues in midland city. that is where police say a 6-year-old boy is being held in an underground bunker by a man identified by neighbors as jimmy lee dikes, 65 years old. now, this story started late yesterday. police say dikes took the child off of a schoolbus at gunpoint and killed the driver. george howell is about a half a mile from where the boy is being held. it's hard to understand the bizarre and scary story, but we know police are now talking to the suspect.
4:26 pm
what are, what's happening? are they making progress? what are they talking about? >> reporter: no headway at this point, but they say that the negotiations are still ongoing and the most important thing, you know, the welfare of this 6-year-old boy. they say that at this point, they don't believe he has been harmed in any way. now, we're talking about day two, going on into day three in this underground bunker, some believe in that bunker that dikes has food, electricity and television. >> may be watching television, what do we know about the little boy in the bunker and have they been able to speak to him or only to jimmy lee dikes? >> reporter: well, to our understanding, they are only talking with mr. dikes, but they did get some information. they were able to give the boy crayons and books and apparently, this is something he requested. not sure how they were able to get it into that bunker, but that's pretty important. more importantly, they were able
4:27 pm
to get this young boy the medications he needs. we spoke to state representative steve klaus and he says the boy suffered from aspergers and adhd, so that's good news, but we're still waiting to see what happens as this continues to drag on. >> thank you very much. and still to come, an emotional hearing tonight in newtown, connecticut. the family and friend of the sandy hook shooting are speaking out. we're going there live. plus, the man who fooled manti te'o. he's finally come clean. hear his admission of real romantic feelings for te'o and later in the show, a sneak peek at this. will it be enough to save the blackberry? deluxe level software or higher! find thousands of big deals now... officemax.
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we start with stories we care about where we focus on our reporting from the front lines. we start today with david cameron. he visited algeria today in the wake of a terrorist attack that claimed the lives of 37, including three americans.
4:32 pm
he met with the prime minister to discuss the ongoing terror threat in the region. this will be a fourth time by our account he has spoken publicly about the attack. -- it's a show of support for the way the government handled the attack. the u.s. economy shrunk at a rate of a tenth of a percent last year. it's a negative sign that matters. the it's first time the economy has contracted in more than three years. it's always the expectation that matters. the reason though was largely due to cuts in defense spending, which plunged from a year ago. all the economists we spoke to say a underlying numbers show the economy is still growing. a huge segment of the economy and today, defense secretary nominee chuck hagel indicate ede is ready to act in iran. he said the window is closing
4:33 pm
for diplomacy in iran and said all options are on the table for u.s. strategies for dealing with the committee. come under fire critics who say he hasn't been tough enough on iran, but what he said there mirrors what's been said by everyone else. john avlon writes why those critics are outside the mainstream. not chuck hagel. it's been 545 days since is u.s. lost its top credit rating. the federal reserve says blame it on the rain. they say economic growth has paused in recent months and blames the weather. the committee says it will continue its bond buying program. and our fourth story "outfront," the voices of newtown. right now, family and friends of the town's devastating shooting are speaking before the final hearing of the connecticut legislature's bipartisan task force. it's on gun violence and school safety.
4:34 pm
it is the first hearing of that task force to be held in newtown. on december 14th, adam lanza killed his mother, then students at the school. they're about an hour and a half in what's about a six-hour hearing. what have you heard so far? >> so far, the overall message has been very cohesive here. it has been a message of this can never happen again. we must unite, we must not forget. we are at the newtown high school. it opened up this evening with first responders, the police chief being violence in our society, then moved on to the parents who lost their loved sons and daughters. i want you to listen to one of the mothers, scarlet lewis. what she said really stood out to me, describing her beautiful
4:35 pm
6-year-old son, jesse. >> i wanted to take just a few minutes to introduce you to jesse. jesse was 6 years old. he had really soft skin and i used to grab him and pinch him every chance i got. he was getting pretty heavy at 61 pounds, but i still carried him when i was tired. i think about kissing his sleeping cheek all the time. how soft it was and how glad i am that i took the opportunity when i could. >> i spoke with some other parents here, erin. i spoke with chris mcdonald. he lost his daughter, grace. he said he wasn't here to talk tonight publicly. he was here to listen. he said tonight is a valuable night to have this conversation. i also took time to speak with dave wheeler, father of benjamin. he told me tonight is very important because we're having this discussion and he stood up there and talked to people and he said any right that human beings have does not trump the
4:36 pm
right of my son to life. he got huge applause. a standing ovation from the entire audience and we've been seeing that all night. one woman also said and this really stood out to me, speaking to this panel of bipartisan lawmakers, make your decisions as if your child did not walk out of that school, so far, people here have been on the same page and they've been calling for what's in line with what president obama has been calling for and that is basically a limit on what kind of assault rifles, what high capacity magazines, there can be. so, it has been very cohesive, people on the same page, but many more hours ahead in this discussion. >> thank you very much, reporting there where that meeting could go for another six hours. and now to a tragedy in chicago. a 15-year-old girl who performed with her school's marching band at president obama's inauguration was shot and killed yesterday. it's a sad reminder of the violence that plagues the president's hometown. ted rollins is "outfront" in
4:37 pm
chicago. >> she was one of those kids that always seemed to have a smile on her face. what you can see in this youtube video. that's how friends are describing her. the latest innocent victim of gun violence in the city of chicago. hidea had just returned from the inauguration in washington where she performed with her high school majoret trk e team. j jada is the girl next to her. >> she was real happy on the trip. she's a nice person. she smiled all the time. never mad, never sad. >> on tuesday afternoon, she had just finished a final exam and was with a group of friends avoiding a rain under this park shelter. witnesses say a gunman came out from behind this fence and started shooting. the park where she was killed is one mile from president obama's home in chicago. >> the president and first lady's thoughts and prayers are
4:38 pm
with the family. all of our thoughts and prayers are with her family and as the president has said, we will never be able to eradicate every act of evil, but if we can even save one child's life, we have on obligation to try. >> illinois senator dick durbin also brought up the murder during a gun hearing on capitol hill talking about her trip to washington. >> the highlight of her young 15-year-old life. yesterday in a rainstorm after school, she raced to a shelter. a gunman came in and shot her dead. just a matter of days. after the happiest day of her life. >> it's been a deadly start to 2013. hidea is a 42nd murder victim this year. she is what is best in our city. a child going to school, takes a final exam, just been to the
4:39 pm
inaugural, with a responsibility. see a stop to this and all of us are responsible. >> students and grief counselors talking about hidea and her wonderful smile. >> every other days you're hearing students and killings. now, more parents are burying their children in this society. >> next, the master mind of the manti te'o hoax comes clean and makes an admission of romantic feelings. then, take a look at this. this is an amazing picture. this is not fog and nor is it snow. this is smog. isn't that just make you feel absolutely disgusting? we're going to go to china. l . this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. verify and lock. command is locked. five seconds.
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and return to sleep again. life with crohn's disease is a daily game of "what ifs". what if my stomach pain and cramps come back? what if the plane gets delayed? what if i can't hide my symptoms? what if this takes too long? what if? but what if the most important question is the one you're not asking? what if the underlying cause of your crohn's symptoms is damaging inflammation? for help getting the answers you need visit and use the interactive discussion guide to speak with your gastroenterologist. we are back with tonight's outer circle. tonight, we go to beijing where hazardous levels of pollution prompted the chinese government to close factories. the difference between a clear day and smoggy day. i remember being in beijing when hillary clinton, the technology,
4:44 pm
the day she left, i was still there, it looked more like the one on the right, but not that bad. they told everyone to avoid going outdoors. the fourth time this year the blanket has covered china. those children have been suffering from the smog. >> erin, you should be seeing downtown beijing's stunning skyline, but instead, i'm standing in front of a white wall. that's how bad the air has been for the past few weeks. pollution index went off the charts. it's spreading to many other parts of china. the government has taken notice, blaming coal burning and car exhausts, but both are challenging issues to address. the leaders have promised more government action, but people feel frustrated. many are rushing to stores to buy masks like this one and with no quick solutions, they feel they have to hold their breath a
4:45 pm
bit longer. >> it's amazing. just looks like you're standing there in front of a wall. let's check in with and erson cooper. >> incredible. more on the hostage scene in alabama. a 6-year-old boy being held at gunpoint in an underground bunker surrounded by law enforcement. we'll spoke with a former fbi hostage negotiator, but just how do you deal with a guy who would put a gun to a child. also, hard to imagine, but there's a 1,000 mile long storm system pummelling the south. tornados there flipping cars, destroys homes and athletes taking big chances, sometimes, odds catch up. we'll speak with a snow mobiler about the safety of the games and the accident he had, and another one that was much worse for another rider. >> that was amazing, that crash, then he tweeted out, i hope no
4:46 pm
one else was hurt. see you in a few minutes. and also, the master mind behind the manti te'o hoax. for the first time, the man who tricked the football star is speaking. he's coming clean. he spoke to dr. phil and said his feelings were genuine during the hoax. let me just tell you what he said. at the end, he said he struggled to break things off. >> i wanted to end it because after everything i had gone through, i finally realized that i just had to move on with my life and get the, my real, me, i had to just start living and let this go. >> dr. phil then asked the question so many want to know. why? >> we have a young man that fell deeply romantically in love. does he say that? does he say i fell in love? was this a romantic relationship
4:47 pm
with you and he says yes. i said, are you then therefore gay? he said, well, when you put it that way, yes. and then, he caught himself and said, i am confused. >> "outfront" tonight, psychotherapist, robin ludwig. >> it's possible the person who created this hoax did have a crush on manti te'o and was confused about his sexuality and the reason he impersonated this woman was to see what it would feel like to be intimate with manti te'o, to be loved by manti te'o. i get the sense he's confused. we know a lot of people lie about who they are on the internet. it's this perfect place to experiment. >> let me ask you about this then. it's interesting what it sounds like ft he's sort of trans posing, that he is the woman,
4:48 pm
having the relationship. he talked about the online relationship that essentially he was carrying on with te'o. here's what he said to dr. phil. >> there were many times where manti and lennay had broken up, but something would bring them back together. in this case, in my life. >> interesting, lennay's life. she became a person to him. >> almost like an alter ego. >> so, is he mentally stable? is this the kind of things that happens sometimes, when we forget the horrificness of the hoax, but when your sexuality is confused? >> yes, and we see this sometimes with internet dating. some people lie about being a woman or a man and it doesn't necessarily mean they're confused. it's just a place where they can expand and see what it's like.
4:49 pm
>> he claimed to have had a number of life experiences that damaged him in some very serious ways. what do you think they could be? >> i wonder if he was sexually abused by a man. and sometimes we see with people who are sexually abused, especially when they're boys, they sometimes get confused, if a man abused them and they got excited and even liked it, they question their sexuality and it can be very confusing for them even if they're not gay. >> young boys who have been abused, by the priest scandal, their bodies are going to react regardless. >> i wonder, too, if this boy was retelling the story of the abuse that happened to him. he acted it out in this kind of way. tricking somebody into having a relationship. that's what people do when they're incest. there's a trick going on. >> i have to ask you then, what about manti te'o? because i still don't understand how you can go this long having
4:50 pm
an online relationship. >> he's naive. a kid focused on football and doesn't know about the world. i think he just -- i think he was really duped and then probably embarrassed. and what a way to learn about the world in this humiliating way. >> thank you very much. we appreciate you taking the time and now to a super bowl continue v controversy. this just happened. basically, the question we want to ask is the nfl ready for gay players because something just happened that's shocking. if you ask the defensive back of the 49ers chris culver, the answer is now. he was interviewed by a rock shock jock and was asked if there were any gay players on his team. here is how he answered. >> i don't do the gay guys. >> are there any on the 49ers? stop the tape. >> they got to get up out of
4:51 pm
here if they do. can't be with that sneak stuff. >> is that true? >> yeah, it's true. >> they might be able to play well. >> you're missing one of the most fascinating interviews. >> locker room. >> the 49ers released a statement saying the san francisco 49ers reject the comments made tuesday and have addressed the matter with chris. there is no place place for discrimination we have and always will support the lgb community. let me ask you this, the 49ers can say that, but the reason it is a shocking thing, is because nobody is openly gay. nobody is okay with it. it doesn't seem to be okay. >> you are right. as shocking as that may seem, i would say that those comments are a microcosm of the general
4:52 pm
overall thought when it comes to gay players in the nfl. i don't know if the nfl is ready for gay players. >> how can somebody break this? when the manti te'o story came out, would they be banned? but if you were openly gay. >> right, i think the key is, be who you are embrace who you are. they are in a difficult situation though. homosexuality in the nfl would not be embraced in the locker room. it depends on the leadership on every team. some teams may be more openminded. there are some players who have been outspoken in favor of gay rights and has joined the gay
4:53 pm
rights movement. >> but, i want to ask you this, you know, throughout history, male athletes and homosexuality sort of went together. i'm talking about greece and rome here. now it is not allowed. it is the opposite. did you play with people you knew or assumed were gay? >> sit a great question. i played with harris the player who had an altercation with a player. i played with him at stanford. one of the most kind, caring individuals i have ever met. a great man. it seems very uncharacteristic. but the comments that were made, they are ignorant. i think we all know the situation that darren is such
4:54 pm
a -- i want to say that i understand why, but i don't. >> would you tell someone, that said coy, i'm gay, would you say, do it or i don't like how chris culliver said it? >> i am i form believer of being who you are. i have always been there for my team bhatsardless of their homosexuality it makes no difference on how you perform on the field. some of the toughe esest strong men i know are gay. >> thank you very much. >> the blackberry z 10, does not hit stores until march. but we have one to show you tonight. our sneak peak is out front next. [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ]
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so my be loved has fallen on hard times.
4:59 pm
i don't use apps but i noticed that the blackberry has been in a downward spiral. at an event today. the research in motion team launched what they hope is a massive comeback. they are going by, blackberry and that is appropriate since its fortunes are riding on a new system. it is called the z10. it has a 4.2 inch display and it comes in black and white. the screen is in color. in terms of the machine itself and launches with 70,000 applications. it is going to be available for $200. if you want it you have to wait. the brits get it tomorrow but the americans don't get